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Who's Your Who

This is the first of 8 mindsets from the Inevitable Growth™ Scorecard. Get your Inevitable Growth Score at http://thegrowthscore.com.

Inevitable Growth

The one in which we introduce the Inevitable Growth Mindsets. Get the Inevitable Growth Scorecard at thegrowthscore.com

Book the Business

Why you need a book (even a short one) to escape from commodity jail and create authority, credibility, and expertise. PLUS...how to get your book done easily, and how...

Postcard Magic

How to use postcards to win new clients.

Dealing with Uncertainty for Financial Advisors

We live in uncertain times. In this episode we explore the role you're called to play for your clients as it relates to uncertainty, and how to manage your own practic...

The Secret Productivity Question - Ask Who, Not How

If you've ever been stuck trying to achieve anything in business or in life, this one question will change everything. Special thanks to Dan Sullivan and Dean Jackson ...

I'll fight with you and I'll fight for you

How to be an advocate for your clients, challenge their thinking when you need to and go to bat for them when necessary.

Let Ideas Do the Selling

The one in which we talk about developing ideas and intellectual property that pre-sell your clients on doing business with you.

Podcast Prospecting

The one in which we crack the code on Podcast Prospecting™ ... the art and science of connecting with prospects and influencers using a podcast.

Becoming Known For What You Know

The one in which we talk about the importance of becoming known for what you know.

Social Media for Financial Advisors

The one in which we discuss mistakes advisors make with social media and how to best use it to identify new clients.

The Noble Profession of Sales

The one in which we talk about why sales is a noble profession.

The Million Dollar Project

The one in which we talk about Steve's "Million Dollar Project" and cover everything you'll ever need to know about marketing your practice. Get the diagram we referen...

Confidence, Coaching, and Accountability

The one in which we discuss the critical skill of growing your confidence in sales and business, working with coaches to achieve bigger goals, and being accountable to...

Building Your Team

The one in which we talk about why and how to build a team to support you in your financial advisory practice.

Why Charge a Planning Fee - Financial Advisors

The one in which we talk about why you might want to charge a planning fee in your practice, and how to do it so that clients will happily pay.

Prospecting Focus

The one in which we cover prospecting and how to focus on the most valuable opportunities.

Sales Choreography

The one in which we cover the unusual topic of sales choreography (no tap shoes required).

Sales Presentations Part 2 - One-to-Many Selling

The one in which we talk about one-to-many selling or selling from the front of the room. Seminar marketing, webinar marketing, and community talks and presentations f...

Sales Presentations - Part 1

The one in which we discuss sales presentations (this is Part 1...more to come.)

Prospecting for Financial Advisors

The one in which we discuss prospecting for financial advisors and wealth managers.

Why Marketing is Important for Financial Advisors

The one in which we talk about why marketing is so important to build a successful practice (and why most advisors don't market effectively).

Who, Why, What & How (Part 2)

The one where we dive deep into "What" and "How"...and why they're critical to growing your practice.

Financial Advisor Marketing and Sales - Trailer

The one where we introduce the podcast and what's to come. Start here...

Who, Why, What & How (Part 1)

The one where we break down the four fundamentals of business success-Who, Why, What & How.

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